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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What disappointed me as a BJP supporter during Delhi election

What disappointed me as a BJP supporter during Delhi election

Delhi election result has shattered so many beliefs, delusions and predictions that most of the political pundits who flaunted their social and political wisdom are reduced to excuses like “I had a feeling that AAP will win by a huge margin.” 10 February 2015 is a disaster day for BJP. The party which was capturing zones after zones in the north, south, east and west like Ashwamedha horse got slaughtered in its own citadel. Even the best political strategist, the most popular face, and the most vibrant social media hordes couldn’t save the bastion. On 2015, BJP is snubbed by the same set of people who raised it to glory a few months back.

Social and political catastrophes provide a break from routine and force organizations/individuals to contemplate about what-went-bad and what-harmed-the-most. The big victory of BJP in May 2014 raised expectations of masses on impracticable heights, therefore it was anticipated that unfilled promises will hurt them within a year. Delhi was unlucky to suffer it the most. However, 3 seats out of 70 uncover darker stories apart from failed promises or inaccurate strategies. In fact, on a failure pie-chart, the “what-harmed-the-most” segment will distinctly cover more are than “what-went-bad”.

I stood for BJP for last one year because I found myself aligned with the political, social and economic philosophies of BJP. I appreciate Arvind Kejriwal for his ostentatious victory, but I can’t appreciate his idea of freebies and communism. I wish that he improves Delhi – by reducing corruption, by introducing facilities, by providing prosperity to all, but as a believer of center-right ideologies, I am hurt and I have some serious grievances with BJP. Now onwards, for each of these, I will have put my views after calibrating BJP steps on “is-this-something-I-wanted.” Here are some of them:

Silence: When people like Sakshi Maharaj and Sadhvi Jyoti made some ridiculous statement, BJP tried to diplomatically handle it by warning them but avoided a strong message against such stupidity. It is argued that these people may be tarnishing the urban image, but they are crowd pullers at grassroots. My concern is – if these people bring victory to BJP, would I like to celebrate a victory laden by stupidities of such people? The answer is always a no.

Swaccha Bharat: Modi has responsibly taken the initiative of Swaccha Bharat. He is leaving no stones unturned to propagate it to every possible layer. However, the mudslinging and vulgar attacks – which started in 2014 and peaked during this whole campaign – were exceptionally disappointing. If BJP talks about cleaning streets, but it couldn’t control its social media team to become ambassadors of clean campaigns, I would not be excited join the bandwagon.

Desperation: The sudden entries of Kiran Bedi and Shazia Ilmi may be anticipated as masterstroke, but if on the fundamental level, it was a hollow desperate move to gain votes. Sadly, it harmed BJP and now these people will be used as scapegoats by workers/leaders who were sidelined during elections. BJP Delhi couldn’t grow a local face. Even in last elections, apart from Harshvardhan, no one had an impressive background.

Excuses: Media is targeted as one of the reasons for this loss. Seriously?  The same media which went gaga over Narendra Modi becomes one of the biggest reasons.  Media didn’t cover AAP and Newspapers were flooded with Narendra Modi, Kiran Bedi and Amit Shah’s advertisements. If BJP supporters, even after gaining such advantages, attack media for the image management, I can’t support a party which is so dependent on media for its victory.

Dependency: What was BJP selling in Delhi – Modi. From the first day, Kiran Bedi threw inessential praises and accolades on Modi. Election campaigns revolved around Modi, social media hypes were woven around Modi, promises were bolstered around Modi and hopes were carved around Modi. The same promotional team during political mess justifies, “What all do you want Modi to do. He is the PM.” If that is the known reality, how can I promote and consume such campaigns?

It would be too early to make a permanent opinion. I will wait for the next steps and I hope that BJP incorporates some optimistic changes. One of the simplest, but most beautiful revelations of Classical Mechanics is that Friction – which opposes the motion of an object – also helps rolling objects to move forward. I hope that BJP acknowledges friction and uses it to roll forward.

Source: by Rahul Raj
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Amazing trip to Dhanaulti - Near Mussoorie

It was a detour from our usually biking and we decided to hire a cab for our outstation venture..
seems the gods of all my teammates were not on their sides.....It was a very evenful experience and an eye opener for all of us.

It was the 9:00pm of 24th April,09 and I was at our office to pick all the 6 fellows for our well planned trip to Surkanda Devi temple near Dhanaulti. Inder has come specially for this trip to Delhi. After picking all of them, we went to the nearest DHABA in Delhi. Here we took some food & after that searched for our PETROL....ooaahhaaa..

After having 4-4 Patiala, we all were fully ready for the trip at around 10:00pm, and as decided we all started the journey. That was our first stoppage of the trip to repaired the punchered tire. We all stopped here and had some tea. Two of guys went inside the hospital and did a lot of TAFRI there. Now as we all get charged with the tea & tire also got repaired, we started again towards the destination.

As we moved out of Dehradun, we all suddenly entered the land of beautiful landscapes and lush green mountains. Before we all could enter those curvy mountain roads...I myself slept...HUH !!! missed the curves..

In the meanwhile, our driver had to pay a bribe of Rs 200/- at UP-Uttranchal traffic outposts because (a) the taxi had no permit. Just after crossing the post, one of our fellow friend Mr.Jags had Ejected the contents of the stomach through the mouth..LOLZ....BOLE TO sale ko mai paani dene gya aur mere stomatch mai v GUD GUD suru ho gai..shit shit shit..HA

ha ha ha ha...

So, we reached Dhanaulti around 8 in the morning and stopped at the guest room to take some rest over there. It costs us Rs 250/- only for four hours..ha ha ha ha thanx to me for bargaining with the Manager. He was asking for Rs 1000/- earlier.

Dhanaulti is 325 km from Delhi (an 8-9 hour drive) and 25 km from Mussoorie. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun, 82 km and the closest railhead is 66 km away, also at Dehradun. From here you can drive up to Dhanaulti, or take a tourist taxi or bus.

Dhanaulti lies on a ridge at an altitude of 2286 m. Tucked away in the midst of deep forests of deodar, oak, conifer, rhododendron and flame of the forest, Dhanaulti is a woody paradise that makes you forget where you are. Caressed by a bracing mountain zephyr, this hill station is just ideal for long walks up shady slopes or quiet tête-à-têtes in grassy meadows.

I woke up at 10 am and and discussed about the trip with Mr.Jaat. where all other were still on the bed. Be both decided to

entered into the ECO Park, which was just 100 mtrs from the hotel, and yes we really got some great shots there. After spending around 1 hour there we both decided to head back to hotel as we also had to start back. We headed back to our rooms packed our stuffs and came down for Breakfast, Mean while..other guys were packing to move towards the temple of Surkanda Devi, 10 km from Dhanaulti is perched high on a mountain and there is a 2 km uphill trek from the tiny village of Kaddu Khal to get here.

Located on the Mussoorie-Chamba track, Dhanaulti is the launching point for numerous treks into the snow-capped Himalayas, especially to the Tehri region of Garhwal. The most popular treks are through the dense alpine forests that take you to Surkanda Devi, Chandrabadni and Kunjapuri, the sacred three of the holy Devi Darshan triangle.

Longer treks from Dhanaulti take you to Deoprayag where the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda rivers unite and the Ganga is born. Visit the villages of Kandikhal, Jamnikhal and Nekhari en route where you can spend the night at simple guesthouses. Another magnificent route is the Dhanaulti- Nagtibba trek through the Garhwal Himalayas, past the pretty village of Panthari, past some splendid scenery and interesting flora and fauna. Other exciting treks via Dhanaulti are to Kempty Falls, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamnotri glaciers.

Its easy to surrender yourself to Dhanaulti's charms - just give yourself a chance!
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thrill of zipping with Biking: Make a trip to Flying Fox at Neemrana Fort Palace

Friends...Here are the pics of our Bull's

We went on one karizmaaaa and one pulser.......Huurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Venturous Bikers Team
Drive safe and always wear a helmet !
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Amazing trip to The Kempty Falls

The Kempty Falls are a major attractions of Dehradun and Mussoorie. The falls are situated mid way between the Dehradun-Mussoorie path. Set on the hilly terrains, the Kempty falls are stunningly beautiful.

The water cascading down from an altitude of 4,500 feet and splitting further into five cascades, the water falls from a height of 40 feet giving the appearance of water jumping and playing on the rocks before falling down.

This place was developed as a tourist destination by John Mekinan, after 1835. The name Kempty is derived from 'Camp-tea', as the Britishers would organise their tea parties here.Past Kempty Fall, 12-km downhill, on crossing the Aglar River, one reaches the legendary Yamuna River.

Venturous Bikers Team
Drive safe and always wear a helmet !
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