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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Venturous Bikers Trip to Chakrata Uttaranchal

Chakrata is an access-restricted military cantonment, and foreigners face severe restrictions in visiting. Notably, it is the permanent garrison of the secretive and elite Special Frontier Force, also known as Establishment 22 ( called "Two-Two"), the only ethnic Tibetan unit of the Indian Army, which was raised after the Indo-China War of 1962. Various kinds of weapons and survival training is also imparted by R&AW and other intelligence services in Chakrata, in support of various Indian foreign policy goals, especially pertaining to other countries in the Indian Subcontinent.
Distance325 km from Delhi
Renowned as a picturesque picnic spot, Chakrata in Dehradun District of Uttaranchal State of India is a hill station and a famed tourist destination located at an altitude of about 7000 ft above the sea level. The town was known earlier as Jaunsar bawar, a small hamlet of Jaunsari tribe. The area has an abundance of conifers, rhododendrons and oaks.

A key attraction near Chakrata is the waterfall named Tiger Fall. A secluded -nearby, leafy hamlet of Deoban is offered a panoramic view of the Himalayas stretching from Kinnaur to Garhwal and Kumaon.

The region also has a host of temples including ones at Hanol,Mahasu Devta Temple dedicated to lord mahasu, Radina, Thaina, Indroli, Lakhwar, and Lakhamandal, on the banks of river Yamuna, known for its ancient Shiva Temple, which traces its existence to the legends of Mahabharata, the village also has several natural caves .

The alpine meadows of Mundali (2776 mts.), offers skiing opportunities, November to April.
There are approx. 2-3 basic private hotels in Chakrata, and some dhabas. Petrol and diesel are hard to come by (for civilians), but can be obtained in small quantities from local traders.

The Great Tiger Fall