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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eating Out in Delhi. The Foodie Sunday @ Red Fort

I know almost one week had passed since I posted on my blog, becoz we were planning to go outside delhi. But due the finencial year ending & MBA exams, few of our friends [6 guys & 2 gals] droped their idea this time. Rahul & I had gone to Lajpat nagar market first to fasttrack whaches showroom. Rahul joined me first time for such kinda EOID [Eating Out in Delhi].

That was 29th March'2009, & we were 4 on two BULL’s [Bullet Bikes]. Rahul with Priyanka & Nitu was sitting on my Bull. Well friends, Rahul & Priyanka don’t want me to publish their pics publically on this blog, I will only post mine & Nitu’s pics over here.

First of all I would like to thank all of these 3, & in particular:

Rahul: Amazing guy, Full with energy, doing job @ Gurgaon & ready all the time for travelling. His punch line is “Rules are made to be broken” i.e. why he don’t care bout his boss. Kool haan !!! Age 23 yrs

Priyanka: Nice & decent gal who wanna to njoy her life to the fullest. She dnt wanna to bound herself in between the society wall. She always look forward & understand well how to tackel the stituation, especially when it become wrost. Currentely doing JOB with Wipro BPO. Age 22 yrs

Nitu: She was the youngest among all of us. According to her, this was here first EOID. She is studying in 12th. Age 19 yrs

Friends, I dnt remember when the idea came to my mind to spend rest of the day @ Red Fort. It must have been soon after we started Gyani Faluda [with pure khoya in it…oh my god!!!], which was soon after we had started delicious prantha’s from the famous Pranthe wali galli, which was soon after we had mithaa PAN from one & only Pan Wala near Al Jawahar hotel, Jama Masjid.

Pan, prantha’s, Faluda & our bull’s; finally, we were on to wht really mattered in life, the stuff that made our Delhi life bearable, especially when you are far away from your family & facing the real life yourself.

The Giant Red Fort………hmmmm, I don’t know the height but one has to take the clandestine services to get to the roof.

11.00 am 12.00 pm – Pranthe Wali Galli….Had 4 different prantha’a [Banana prantha, Khoya prantha, mix veg prantha & mutter prantha]

12.00 pm to 01.00 pm – Had Yummmy Gyani faluda…..only half glass……pure khoya…oh my god !!!!!

01.00 pm to 05.30 pm - Red Fort [Check below pics]

5.30 pm to onwards…. - Boating near Old Fort......Majaa aa gyaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

And then returned back to Home.

Few of mine friends ask me so many times that, wht is the fun on this EOID. Why dnt you sit with us @ & njoying the drink. So, my answer to all those chumps is : ALCOHOL IS NO LONGER NOVELTY….This meant we could drink less & not throw up every time to certify having a good time.



Venturous Bikers Team

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