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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Sight in a Gun while hunting the Kabooters [Pigeon]

This time it was really freaking out for me. We had taken one-one desi patiyala of petrol [Ghar di kadi] inside us first, and then we walk across the road towards the Haveli [Shelter type…. for domistic animals like cows & buffalos]. Here I tried to diminutive the animals food & it was really tough job. Look @ the pic below

After this we came back to the CHUBARE [The top floor in villages] & start messing with the GUNS. I went to my big bro Navi’s home where he has two 12-bore rifles as shown in the below pics.

Navi has gud hands on almost every kinda guns & rifles. He started playing with it since his childhood. It got started not for fun, but because of the terrorists attacks @ that time. His home is hardly 5 kms from the Indo-Pak border. By road the Lahore distance is almost 30 kms from his village, Diyalpur Distt. Tarntaran, Punjab. According to him, his home was targetted twich with rocket launcher. Well I don’t wanna to discuss all that serious matter over here. Lets aggain move towards our messing with rifles. Look @ below pics.

After that I opned all the parts of the rifles to do some RnD on it. That day I really come to know that I am a real Engineer not only by study, but by heart….by soul…& by every thing. Us Bandook ko khol to diya… per abb kon sa part dubara lagega kaise. Well, where there is a will, there is a way.

Now the time comes to hunting the Kabooters-Shabooters. I filled the ammo in the rifle. Hmmmmm guys, let me explain you all the technical stuff which I know bout the guns & rifles. May be it will useful for you. All standard triggers can be grouped into two categories: singe-stage or two-stage. A single-stage trigger, as the name suggests, features a constant resistance to trigger pressure applied by the shooter. Once the requisite force has been applied, the hammer is released to contaact the firing pin and thus fire the rifle. A two-stage trigger, as found on many military and military-style firearms, features an initial stage of minimal resistance to the shooter's trigger pressure, followed by a final stage of greater resistance until hammerfall.

Finally……………………………………………..Need to explain ?????? Dont think so yaar.

Awaiting your valuable comments.

Venturous Bikers Team
Drive safe and always wear a helmet !