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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Infosys fires 2,100

BANGALORE: Infosys Technologies has fired 2,100 people across the country, after an annual performance appraisal exercise concluded mid-March. 

TV Mohandas Pai, head of the company's HR, said that based on the performance, 2,100 employees had left Infosys. "The tolerance for non-performance has come down to zero," said Pai. 

"The appraisal was conducted for 60,000 of our employees. At the bottom, some 3.5 per cent of the people were either outplaced or left the company. It's an annual scenario after every performance assessment. In fact, normally the bottom size is 5 per cent,'' he said. Trainees were not part of this exercise. 

Outplacement is a new jargon used by enterprises, which means off-loading excess/unwanted staff to another employer. However, outplacing is not a viable option in the current scenario where few jobs are available in the market. 

Infosys currently has an employee base of 1,05,000 which includes 45,000 trainees who were not part of this appraisal exercise. During quarter ending December 31, the company had a total headcount of 1,03,078. 

A quarter ago Infosys had said it would hire 26,000 people during fiscal 2008-09, more than what it had projected in the beginning of the year. During the third quarter, the company made a gross addition of 5,997 with the net intake being 2,772. 

Infosys has made offers to around 20,000 engineering graduates for the current year. The company has been vocal about honouring all the offers it made to freshers. Infosys' earnings for 2008-09 will be out on April 15. 

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