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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Its strange but its true | Family extends beyond genetics

In today's fragmented society, many people live alone or in very small households. This can be lonely and unsatisfying. Think out of the box & Reach out to relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers, schoolmates, and other people around you. Can you tell how many people know you after your relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers, schoolmates, and other people around you.
Answer is NO ONE. Its strange but its true.
It's easiest to become close to people whose lives already cross yours: neighbors, people who work at businesses you frequent, people who belong to the same church or club, etc. But friends, LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, Can take U turn any time and you never know where it goes.
Have you ever imagine the situation that suddenly you come across with the boy or gal, with whom you had spent 3-4 years in college & after leaving the college you never tried to call even a single time, because you thought, WHO CARES. I have my own life now I am with new friends. But have you ever think what about your old friends. To make friends is not a big deal. Main problem is, how you maintain the friendship.
Most of the true family you have has no blood relation. Family extends beyond genetics!
Why I am writing all this is because I found most of the college friends [taking example of mine own college] are even don't want to see each other faces. Few of mine college mates tie the knot, but not even invited anyone from college. Few of mates were very good friend at that time, but in current scenario, they even don't want to see each other faces. My question is WHY ???
I was very unhappy & need to explain why....& I think out of the box. Suddenly an idea came to my mind & I start blogging on internet. I share what I feel, & posted my real life experience. Posted all the details, where ever I go & one day a huge group was formed & known as Venturous Bikers. This is my first blog on the internet, on which you are reading this post, & if you like to know more about me & all the places I visited, you can catch me @ &
I also request to all of you.... pls start thinking out of the box. Don't spoil you life just like that. I don't know about others, but all of you are very very special to me. All of you have prestigious space in my life because you have spent few moments of your life with me….as a reader of my blog, where I share mine feeling with open heart. I am expecting a comment from your side also….pls keep in touch & visit again.