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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You can't be too safe!! Better safe than sorry!

Always play it safe!

Safety is a hot topic these days. The public fears danger and craves safety. Parents are afraid to let their kids play out of their sight. Drivers buy huge motor vehicles, for protection against other huge vehicles. Aspirin bottles have seals that can defy a safecracker.

You can't be too safe!

What does this have to do with biking? Plenty, it seems, because everyone "knows" about bikes and safety. People say "You could get run over, you know," or "A simple fall could leave you brain damaged!" In his book The Polar Bear Strategy, author John F. Ross cheerfully admitted to camping near potentially man-eating bears, but he expressed fear for bike riding on quiet streets!

Better safe than sorry!

Yes, many find biking very scary, because they "know" about the dangers of biking.

Or do they know? What do they really know about the danger - or the safety - of biking? What do you know?

Share your views ragarding safety while biking.
Venturous Bikers Team
Drive safe and always wear a helmet !