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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birth Day to me

(This post was written on 29th May but posted today)...Ok ok ok..I know I delayed this post by almost 1 month...but atleast you can say..A vey happy belated happy birthday to you..Mr.Amarjit Singh...Awaiting your comments readers.

Today is my birthday, hurrah! Its 29th May, I'm now a twentysomething. Heh. I'm old. Only one more year...After that I can search someone to marry aur vo bhi LEGALLY.... WHEEEEE!!!!!

This weekend was pretty fun, Rahul, Gaurav & Darshan came over and we hung out. We then all make ourself DADDER after consuming horrible-tasting-but-incredibly-strong mixture of BP & Mera No. 1.

Here the pic of Njoyment @ my office.

Right. Today, being my birthday, has been unremarkable, except for when all the guys put the cake on my muh..Eeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh...YYAaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!! WHAT WAS THAT MAN..... happy birthday. It was so funny.

This weekend should be brilliant. Saturday I'm taking a leave, to take rest from HANGOVER....and to remember what all we did last night.

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