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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trip to Flying Fox at Neemrana Fort Palace (Rajasthan, India)

Hi Friends, Kya baat hai..bahut din ho gai hum log kahi chull kerne nahi gai yaar. Getting bored naa..

So, Live like a king, or at least a minor courtier.......Ha ha ha

Lets plan this week end i.e. on 19th July for Neemrana Fort - A Majestic Experience Only 100 kms Away From IGI Airport. This is the place where we do al lot of CHULL to go. Neemrana is an ancient 14th century fort that has been converted into a hotel of sorts.

The below info I have found regarding this fort. It is always better to get some info before planning to any trip...Lets have a look:

The first thing that strikes you as you drive up the curved rampart driveway is how unlike a hotel this place really looks. Therein lies the charm. It is not a hotel in the conventional sense, but rather a place to relax, retreat, and literally get away from it all. (The entire place has only one tv, a phone only at reception, and does not recieve the newspaper).

Another charming feature of this remarkable place is that all of the rooms are different. Most of the rooms are not original, because the majority of the hotel was rebuilt, but all of the rooms have been decorated with care & each room a unique appeal. If you can, try and get into as many rooms as you can just to see what they are like. Most of the rooms are fairly small, featuring a small ante-room of sorts.

There's also a pool that's on a plateau. Apart from Swimming pool and Jacuzzi, there is an exclusive health spa offering Ayuervedic rejuvenation and other Holistic treatment after Consultancy with a Doctor. Plus, free yoga and meditation exercises are also available. It is a worthwhile experience. The fort also has an Indian and a French restaurant which are supposed to be quite good. My friends, if ever you are in Delhi, and you want to get away from the noise, the work, the pollution, the crowds, you should go to Neemrana. It's a place for romantics and dreamers. (sappy but true)

Here we can do the below venturous activities:
  • Free yoga and meditation exercises
  • Ayuervedic rejuvenation and other Holistic treatment after Consultancy with a Doctor
  • Swimming pool, Jacuzzi
  • A guided tour of the 18th century Stepwell can be arranged on request.
  • Camel cart rides can be arranged on request
  • Trek to the watchtowers on the hills
  • Zipping - Like a stunt scene worthy os a James Bond movie
  • Flying Fox – Aerial zip-line experience during which you fly down a series of ultra-strong cables or zip lines, attached by a harness and pulley
Zip 1:
Name: ‘To Qila Slammer’
Length: 350m

Zip 2:
Name: ‘Where Eagles Dare’
Length: 400m
Zip 3:
Name:‘Goodbye Mr Bond...
Zip 4:
Name: ‘High as a Kite’
Length: 250m
Zip 5:
Name: ‘The Big B’
Length: 175m

They operates Zip Tour sessions at 0830, 0930, 1700 and 1830 every day. Although their current timings optimize the use of the coolest parts of the day, for a group of 21 we might be able to put on special / extra special timings if the above do suit our schedule.

Each Zip Tour session lasts approximately 2 hours and can accommodate up to 10 participants.

Standard rate is Rs 1495 per adult. If you make an advance purchase you get 15% off - which makes it Rs 1250 per adult. This price includes the zip tour, complimentary water during the tour, an energy bar and free entry to the fort worth Rs 500 p.p.

They have additional group discounts (all prices include Service Tax @ 10.3%): For 10 pax the rate is Rs 1195 p.p.

OUR BUDGET: Rs 2000/- only per head..will move at early morning and come back by late evening...same day.