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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trip to Lansdowne : Pauri Garhwal : Uttarakhand

Last weekend, on Deshara, the venturous bikers team was very keen to get off a small break with a small weekend trip. We have gone thro the internet and finally decided to explore Lansdowne. We plan for this trip with lot of expectations for all of us as we want to ride some really cold destination near delhi. All of us wanted to have a relaxed ride to the closest place. And the place which comes in our mind was Lansdowne, which is around only 225 kms from delhi. I informed to all the concerning ppl that we shall be leaving early morning on saturday @ 4 AM.

Let me introduce the Gang members of this incredible journey. I am sure by the time you have seen the snaps of the place almost every soul would feel envy and disappointed for not joining us.

Amarjit Singh - Nautankibaaz
Mr.P - Inki tasveer mai inki Aatma jhalakti hai
Abhinav Gupta - Banda ye bindaas hai..!!
Ashwin Anand - Aabbee gaadi dekh ker nahi chala sakta kya #@!&^%()&* tere baap ki sadak hai BC..&*(_&%$#@

At 03:00 AM abhinav wakes up and rushes to Ashwins home. Around 04:00 AM both guys reached at mine place from where the journey begins. We had draw the complete map on the paper to make us 100% sure that we won't take any wrong way or cut. To us it was just not a weekend break, it was an escape from the fast moving city life and the never ending struggle of job and family concerns, so we drove as fast as we could as if we were leaving all those forever.

The best way to explore the pristine surrounds of Lansdowne is by going for nature treks. There are a number of trails through the woods that one can take. Camping and river crossing are very popular tourist activities besides hiking expeditions, for which Lansdowne proves to be more than a comfortable base camp.

The router which we took to reach was Delhi - Merrut - Mawana - Meerapur - Bijnor - Najeebabad - Kotdwar - Dugadda - Lansdowne. Stop at Montys Million, a restaurant out of Meerapur where one can have a break for breakfast/lunch. Take the Right turn from here for Bijnor-kiratpur 16 kms-Najibabad 17 kms-Kotdwara 25 kms-Dogadda 15 Kms. 2 kms out of Doggada there is a T Junc. Take the LEFT Turn on the PAURI road. And it is quite normal for to forget this T Junc. The same was happend to us and went almost 5-6 kms straight towards PAURI road. Suddenly we took out the map and reliazed that we were not on the correct way.

Just near Dugadda, we enjoyed bathing in the river which was flows below Durga Maa temple here. The surroundings and whether was so cool

Regarding staying over there, we gave the lead to Abhinav. While googling he came to know about Oak Grove Inn. Here he found all the required info and contacted to the owner Colonel Bikram Rawat. We also met with Mrs Rawat & it was very wonderful interaction. There are few hotels available there so do advance booking during peak season which is Feb - March.

Contact Information:
Colonel Bikram Rawat
Mobile: +91-9412934858 or +91-9410948282
Phone: +91-1386-262359
Address: Oak Grove Inn, Jaiharikhal, Lansdowne, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. PIN 246139

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