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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dreadful incident that has happened one of my friend @ Noida sector 12/22

Hi Readers,

Few moments back, I just received the below mail from one of mine friend, Mr.Amit Shrivastava. This incident that has happened to Mr.JAYABRATA GHOSH, who is working in CSC, A 44/45 Noida Towers | Sector 62 | Noida – 201 301.

Yesterday 9:20 pm- I went out of office a bit early, took an auto till Noida sector 12/22,
Around 9:45 pm- I then usually I take a shared taxi when I go home by my own, I tried to do the same, the cab that I got in already had 4 people (including driver), I apparently thought that they are the passengers and I boarded the cab and sat on the side seat, after 5 minutes the guy sitting on the middle seat said that he has to get down earlier than me so he wanted to sit on the site seat, I then moved to the middle seat. Nearby to Sector 19 there was a long jam- to avoid that the driver took a right turn, which initially seemed valid but slowly their activity became suspicious, the raised the music volume, increased the car speed, took a sudden right turn to a lonely road, it was about 10 pm.

10:15 pm- they started forcing me for giving away whatever belongings I had placing me at gun point, slowly I had to hand over everything that I had that time- laptop, 2 personal cellphones, datacard, spectacle, wrist watch, debit/ credit cards (total 3 in numbers)
Then they started heading here and there and covered my eyes entirely with my handkerchief, meanwhile they forcefully asked me the PIN number of all of my cards and took out money from ATM (location I couldn’t see).

Then they kept roaming around Ghaziabad and some distant remote villages (as per their conversation and what I managed to see from the car window), this activity went on till 11.30 pm or so.

I heard them say that they will do another round of money withdrawing after 12:00 midnight (next day effectively), they did so. In between they kept putting threats that they will shoot me if I shout/ raise my voice.

Somewhere around 12:30 am they brought me to a very lonely place (a remote jungle sort of nearby Hapur bypass road) and spared me finally with a warning of not moving from there until they are far away.
Then I walked for about 30 minutes to reach the highway and got a village person who helped me and provided his cellphone, then I was able to communicate my status to my colleagues/ friends.

My team mates then reached there and we safely cam back to CSC campus at about 5.30 am- finally I got a drop to my home and reached there safe at 7.10 am today.

Venturous Bikers Team
Drive safe and always wear a helmet !