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Friday, March 25, 2011

Hints, Tips & Tricks for Facebook Mafia War

Choose a Character

For those that have never played Zynga Facebook Mafia Wars the best character you can choose to be is "maniac"

Grow the Family

The important thing to remember is when you grow your mafia family the only reason why you should keep growing in mafia size is to get more of the Limited Edition Loot and Mafia Mikes. Once you are over 501 members they DO NOT HELP YOU IN A FIGHT.

Only equip with weapons to 501 and no more because they wont do any good.
In Mafia Wars, players form mob families by inviting other Facebook members to join. The more family members a mob has, the stronger they are. The first and ultimately most important key to advancing is to keep the mafia family growing. This can be done in a couple of ways:

* Players invite all of their friends to join

* Link to other players on one of the many add me pages in FB, thousand of players network on these pages

* Reciprocate when players join their mob family, Mafia War players can be members of more than one mob.

* One of the best ways to add literally hundreds of players with just the click of a few buttons is to join an email mass add. This list has been consolidated from over 20 of the largest Mafia Wars Groups and Fan Pages on Facebook. You can find one Click Here!

Profile Points

One of the best strategies to a Mafia Wars player is the careful use of profile points! The best way to allocate points is when you first start the game put them on Energy but only until you have a reasonable amount of energy to do some jobs!

Once you have levelled a few times put the points on your Defence. The defence is the most important allocation of points that you can have. So focus on defense more than anything. Once your defence is quite high you will notice that when people attack you will win most fights and win experience points helping you level faster.

Only higher level players should concentrate on spreading points on attack, health, energy and stamina

Godfather Points

Players often asked what is the best way to use Godfather Reward Points. Are the crates worth it? Is the "Limited Edition" Godfather loot worth it?

While it may be tempting to crack open that unknown crate of loot, we believe that there are really two ways that you should spend your hard earned Godfather Reward Points (or bought if you like completing offers or paying to play).

* Energy Refill: This is the best value at only 10 points. Used at a good time, you can probably level, which in turn would give you 5 profile points to use.

* 4 skill (upgrade) points: For 14 reward points you can obtain 4 additional points to spend to increase the stats on your profile. This is still a better option than purchasing the loot from the crates. Skill points have a MUCH LARGER outcome on the results of combat than loot does (and if you wanted, you could use them for more energy / stamina ... loot does nothing to help you level faster).

* Name Change: I am going to mention this only because it is a viable way to spend your points. Sometimes if joining a clan / group you might have a need to change your name.

Remember Winning/Losing Fights ... Level makes NO difference, Equipment makes little difference but the correct use of points does.

It is quite easy to gain 80+ experience an hour from doing absolutely nothing. If you have a large mafia that likes to fight it can be done. Whenever someone in your Mafia fights and you assist them as their Capo, you earn XP instantly. This is also referred to as "Social Fight Rewards".

If you have notifications enabled for Mafia Wars, you might see the "Click here to claim your reward". Which in turn will reward you with reward points.

Mafia Wars Boss

Using Boss Fights to maximize your XP gain into next level

Ideal Criteria Prior to Leveling

* Use all of your stamina.

* Use all of your energy with enough energy to do a job that provides maximum experience into the next level.

* Don't have any extra energy (this doesnt carry over).

Do Boss Fights Give Anything Special?

The short answer is no but you get a "trophy" on your Mafia Wars profile page that only you can see. Currently there is nothing special given or any reason for doing them.

Now simply do a boss level prior to levelling to maximize experience points


Venturous Bikers Team
Drive safe and always wear a helmet !