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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Facebook Farmville Basic Strategy : Getting Started

Farmville is a flash game on facebook. The game application is ranked number one on facebook at the moment. In this game you mainly plow, seed and harvest. What I see in this game to “win” is completing all the awards. This is not something you can do in 1 or 2 weeks, and may even take months. So what we need to to maximise the use of the farm
Always choose seeds carefully, don’t waste time planting multiple types of plants, unless you are trying to achieve the award for the certain types of plants harvested. Choose seeds that give at least 1 exp per day that it needs to be planted. Plant as many seeds with your land as possible by planting them right next to each other. Seeds are the most profitable things in this game, and the items below should not be purchased until you are rich and can survive the rest of your quest to complete awards. You will still get these items during rewards and gifts, try to put them in compact spaces.

Remember that seeds expire and die in about equal time to how long they took to grew. eg – Rice takes 12 hours to grow, after growing, in another 12 hours, it will die, and you have to dump them and will cause a loss in revenue.

Trees take about 10 harvests after buying a tree before they are profitable, and pay very weak, so don’t buy the trees from the shop as they are useless and pay less than the gifted trees. If you get trees as gifts make sure you plant these on the edge of your farm. The farm land is always an odd number of rows, seeds take up two rows, thus leaving 1 extra line when making the most efficient use of the land. Plant the trees on the side of your farm, as close together as possible, highlight the tree and see if your cursor changes into a tool to know if its harvest-able if you find it difficult to tell so close together.
Animals are like trees, they pay low but they don’t die. Luckily this is a game and you can place animals compactly together to give you more space. Animals are harvested to extract parts and not their meat and gives you a continuous inflow in revenue. They don’t do much beside making a noise and the new option of letting them walk around.

Buildings are pretty much useless. One of my goals is to reach level 34 and buy a mansion, so besides getting the award, and buying a particular building, they are a big waste of money until you are financially settled.

ecorations are like buildings, they only make your farm look nice. But if you have no money in the first place, your farm can’t look nice. So make sure you are happy with your money before putting up decorations.

How to use LAND in FARMVILLE
Your farm has a certain area of land where you can place everything. Always upgrade as soon as you can, it will pay off pretty quickly and will help you in the long run anyway. However make sure your seeds are planted before you upgrade land, as it can be a bit costly and there is no point in having lots of land but have of it empty!


The gift box is an awesome thing, when you receive a reward from completing the blue ribbon (4th level of the quest) items will end up here, and gifts from friends will also be sent here. Leave your items in here to achieve the “Gifted not spoiled” Award Ribbon. Leaving items in the box can also give you more space until you are ready to use them on your farm, as you cannot transfer things out of your farm, unless you sell them for at less than 10% of the purchase price!

Awards is like your level, it tells you how much you have progressed and what you still need to do. Complete some easy rewards at low levels and you get serious money, like $10000 when you get a blue ribbon. At a level such as level 1 it is extremely valuable to you.

Friends send you gifts and help you with the first Ribbon. You can also visit 20 daily to help them on their farm (2 clicks) to get 5exp and some money. 5exp multiplied by 20 is 100exp. (For each plant you get about 0-2exp.) So it is really worth it, and this also contributes to a ribbon!