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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Facebook Farmville Strategy Guide for how to Move up Quickly on Levels & Experience

The quickest way to move up the level
  • Planting berries. They give the same EXP (Over 4 hours) as strawberries from Plowing – Just more money!
  • By continually planting strawberries you get (If you have a 12*12 farm) 288 Exp Every 4 hours.
  • Check your farm and spend 20 minutes harvesting, ploughing and planting every hour.
  • For levels and not the money – plough as much land as possible and continually plant on them.
  • Leave a section of your farm plowed without seeding it and then plant soybeans.
  • Delete the Patches, And repeat it again and again
  • Move quickly up the levels with spending money on it - Buildings yield a lot of experience
  • An building cost 100,000 – You get 1,000Exp
  • The most important trick is Helping 20 neighbours a day
The quickest way to make more money
  • Do not always plant the most expensive seed.
  • The seeds that give the largest amount of cash are posted HERE.
  • Find the highest seed you can plant on the list, which is posted HERE and that will be your best money maker
  • Don’t pick the seed that will make the most money and will be harvest-able an hour before the predicted time you get home – Pick one that is slightly over your estimated time so nothing does go wrong!
  • Some seeds like Peppers, and Rice and Pumpkins are the best profit for the time they are planted (Best money per day)
  • Peas are now the best thing to plant. Harvesting in 1 Day and making a profit of 176 Coins Each. (70,400 Coins for a 20*20 Farm!)