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Friday, April 1, 2011

Facebook Mafia War: Learn What is the Basic Fight Formula to Win the Mafia War

The basic formula to be used by MafiaWar, testing by players on

  • TOTAL MAFIA - Number of mafia in player’s family
  • ATTACK - Attack Skill points of player, or Item Attack value
  • DEFENSE - Defense Skill points of player, or Item Defense value
  • EQUIPMENT - All weapons, armor and vehicles used in a fight
  • Total Value - The total of an item’s Attack and Defense values

Player 1: Level 20, 80 mafia, 500 skill points in Attack, 500 skill points in Defense, No Equipment.

(MAFIA(80) * ATT(500) + DEF(500)) + EQUIPMENT(100) = 80,100

Player 2: Level 100, 501 mafia, 50 skill points in Attack, 50 skill points in Defense, Lot of Equipment.

(MAFIA(501) * ATT(50) + DEF(50)) + EQUIPMENT(30,000) = 80,100

The number of mafia makes a big difference until both players in a fight have 501, the limit. But Equipment only makes a difference at low levels of Attack/Defense skill points.

Notice that adding only 1 more friend to the Level 20’s mafia family means beats the Level 100 player every time. Double the Level 20 player's mafia size to 160, and TWICE as strong as the other player. You wondered why lower level players are beating you in fights? It’s the skill points.

Player Level has no effect on who wins a fight.
Best method of using skills point is balancing points between the two Skills Attack and Defense (50/50).

*NEVER SPEND GODFATHER POINTS ON CRATES OF EQUIPMENT, OR ANYTHING ELSE BUT SKILL POINTS!*. 14 Godfather points gives you 4 skill points. If you are a fighter, then most of your skill points should go into Attack and Defense, equally.

NOTE ON EXCEPTIONS: This is the BASIC formula, and it works. MW may apply factors that are unknown, the most famous being the "Critical Hit", in order to balance the game and to add a little unpredictability.