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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Know your Wines: What is difference between Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine and Champagne

Red Wine: If you are just a starter or biginner as a social drinker, it would be better to stick to red wine as is dry and well with red meats, spaghetti, pasta, thick gravy and pizza. It is best served at room temperature. Venturous bikers team has tasted few of worlds best red wines like Barolo, Chianti, Burgundy and Bordeux. On the basis our experience, we must say that red wine surely help in maintaining good health. The benefits we have seen are lowered blood pressure and decreased cholesterol levels. TAKING YOUR MEDICINE HAS NEVER BEEN MORE ENJOYABLE..!!

If you are dining out with your beloved on a romantic moonlight night, then the coice definitely has to be red wine served in transparent crystal, favourably a rounded glass with larger bowl.

White Wine: It has two tastes, either very dry or sweet. These are better to be served chilled and go well with white meats and sea food. It includes Chablis, Sauterne and wine made from different grape varieties such as Chardonnay and White Reisling. The biginner to white wines, try the sweet variety, and your taste buds make some progree go for the drier one.

The two most important points before choosing for wine is ite temperature and the wine glass used. We ourselve seen that a wine glass can impact taste. PLEASE do not ever serve white wines in all pupose glass. Such glasses are suitable only for red wines. White wines should always be served in dainty-looking tulip shaped crystal glasses.

Rose: Pink dinner wines are also known as Rose wines. It is a special class of red wines and can be served with any dish, but preffered with cold meats and curries. It has some colour of red wine, but only enough to turn it pink. The colour is depending on the grapes and winemaking techniques. A rose wine glass should be colourless, transparent, stemmed and made of lead crystal.. It is better to served with salads, pastas, fish or chicken.We recommend Valdiviesco Cabernet rose wine, as it is FRUITY AND REFRESHING.

Champagne: It is normally a white wine even if red grapes are used to produce it. It is best drunk chilled but not iced. The younger it is, the cooler it should be served (8 degree Celsius). A mature Champagne will be perfect at 10 degree Celsius. It will go with all kind of food. It is better for tasting with a big red wine glass as the aroma spreads better in the large area of the glass.s Dont try o fill the glass, flutes should be filled only 2/3 of the glass. Our recommendations are Champagne Michel Gonnet-sBrut Reserve and Michel Gonnet-Blanc de Blancs Granb Cru.