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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The best NUMBER PLATE for March 2010: Respect your Bullet, Bullet will respect you

Akshay Murthy

"I would rather ride my Bullet on Sundays and think of God, Than sit in church and think about riding my Bullet...."

Hahhhhh finally fate decided I should own Royal Enfield Bullet on 26th Oct 2007, It happened.

Travelling Freak, Passionate lover of RE. Willing to travel always on free time...... Never ever fed up to ride my Bullet and the thumping sound gets sweeter and sweeter......

I have been hearing the thump of the bullets since the age of 5. As a kid frequently was visiting my father's office (Police Headquarters Bangalore) to complete my homework on every Saturdays because I was too mischives to handle.Every saturday I was having holiday. I use to see the Tiger Mat (Face of a Tiger on it) which is put behind the rear wheel. In 1980s and 1990s usally all the cops in Bangalore who use to ride RE bullet had this Tiger Mat as a standard fitment. As I kid use to think that tiger on the mat is making that huge noice. Now its difficult to find Tiger Mat on any Bullet.
The day I started to admire the Royal Enfiled was when my brother had a CI 500 bullet (Military Green with wide handle). It was awesome. My Brother never let me to lay my hands on the 500 cc beauty because I was still in school. Finally one day when he was out of station I took the RE for a ride. Belive me everybody on the road was stunn to see me ride the RE on the road. The next day as usuall bashings from my brother. This was how I fell in love with the RE. Now he admirs me because I own one now.

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