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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fraud & Complaints Against iGlobul IGB Technologies: A FAKE Company Make Fake Promises

Hi All.....few days back I met with an very funny incident, which I would like to share with all your guys. I am posting this article because I want to save all innocent guys. This is a case of 420 fraud. This is also a best example of social engineering. How ppl make fool you to get your secret information. All the below information is purely based on reviews available on internet & my personal experience. If you search on google, you will see a lot of fraud & Complaints against iGlobul IGB Technologies.

iGlobul Technologies is a company which promises to provide you the dealership of an online mall. This company "IGLOBUL" charges Rs.13000 (approx) for building you web site and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION of your micro site. And if you type the nameIGLOBUL in google search, the first search link you will get is ... ha ha ha ha ha ha........ if this kind of SEO they are able to provide for their Parent site...GOD HELPS their micro site owners...

So the story begins....I received a call from one girl related to website. She said that they will create a online shopping portal for me and blah blah blah...... I tried to get rid from her but the poor lady might trying to sell me the website only to achieve her targets. As I am very well aware about all such websites related things so I fixed up meeting with the sales person.


Once you fix up the meting with sales guy, he will come to you. The poor guy Shivendu mobile number +91-9582202004 came to me. Here I would like to mention that his dressing sense was pathetic. Well I am not going to explain his personality....becoz he was almost 6 feet tall...a very thin blackish dark complexion. From internet, I also found one more sales person. His name is Gautam mobile number is 9718277248.

They will try to excite like: "Sir, do you have money" , "Sir I don't understand why you are not interested with such a wonderful product" , "This is a saperate bussiness for you, and you can make upto 50,000 per month"....BULLSHIT MAN. If this is the case, why they themselves not doing the same.

The Sale pps will promise you that they will add at least two member under you & 11,000/- will be return after 3 referels (2000per referral and 5000 of bonus) ASAP, which is 100% fake. If you follow their promise, you will only get lame excuses like it's month closing & nothing else. If you take this matter to there seniors, they will direct deny we don't gives promises like this if sales person doing this promises it's his responsibility. we are not libel for this.

All the product which are listed on site like are all actually priced in dollar. At the time of payment you will get total different amount to be pay . Excuse (iglobul):- We are trying to get indian payment gateway our deal is going on with ICICI and HDFC and soon we will get indian payment gateway till that we are using paisapay US gateway.

They are only interested in selling the online mall and not the products. Their major chunk of earning is coming by giving membership. And most importantly they control your eMalls entirely. Even the contact numbers at the bottom of the eMall belongs to them. Tomorrow when their website is popular all they will have to do is to put up a direct sales number in all the websites, and you will be able to do nothing about it.

As per Mr.Ashutosh Srivastav - One of my friend ordered Shirt and trouser (Order id # 214) using direct bank deposit in there ICICI bank account in Sec-14 Gurgaon. The payment was successful and it was cleared as soon as I made the payment. But now the condition is that the item is still in Open status. I have been trying to call them but still no body has responded me. If you call on the customer care number as mentioned on their web site, it seems that it's a Home phone connection and each time some ignorant person will pick your phone and say that the person who sees all these things is not here. And we will call you after some time. But I did not get a call back. At present my 15,000 INR are with them.

Also check the site they are providing is too dull and dead looking. It looks like developed by some school student. I can make better websites with good looking and fully customize..AND THE MOST AMAZING THING IS THAT THEY ARE CHARGING 13,000/- FOR SUCH A HEBETUDINOUS WEBSITE. YOU CAN CHECK IT @ No server support & they are running there marketing portal on zencart which is free to use.

If you go to there office, its like AAJ HAI KEL KA PATA NAHI....A smoking khokhaa OR small tea stall is much better than iGlobul IGB Technologies office. They are just around 20 people company in Uddyog Vihar. You will never find CEO in office. All you will find is bunch of marketing guys.

As per neeraj83 - I have worked with this company for less than one month. When I came to know that this company is fraud, I resigned. They commits that they have franchise of more than 200 brands which they don't have. They say that they are the partner of Microsoft which they are not. Everything they commit is false. Prices on their portal are much hire then market. They never disclose the name of the owner of the company. Mr. Anant & Mr. Neeraj hire needy people and exploit them. All positive comments regarding this company on internet are written by the employees.. so ignore them.

iGlobul IGB Technologies claiming that they are registered under Mcrosoft Bizspark. So let me clear that any IT company can be registered under Mcrosoft Bizspark. There are so may companies under bizspark as there is no fees to register, only some conditions are there like its related to IT, turnover shud not be more than XX amount. Its mainly for 2 years and after 2 years there is a meagre fees of 200 to 300 dollars. Also their is no company tie ups. They prchase it from distributor and sell product at reduced price. Their is no dealers bills. They mainly earn thru delivery charges. They make fool of everybody.


This company is not even registered... So I suggest all of you (employees or non employees)... Do not go IGB as it is said that unregistered companies are fake companies.

As per Mr.Pritam Singh - A Gurgaon based company Iglobul pvt. ltd. provides IT related services. their marketing executive along with manager provide me fake information to convince me to purchase their E-Mall, they miss guide me like :

1) Their Company have partnership with more than 250 reputed companies like Samsung, HP, Sony, LG, Nokia, Adidas, etc. in sales
2) if some body purchase any thing from my e-mall the delivery will be free in gurgaon
3) Iglobul will provide the bill of the concern company not their, to customer so that he/she will get warranty directly from company
4) Company will do marketing of our E-malls
5) the rates will be unbeatable to market
6) regular update of website and products

After purchasing e-mall when I tried to contact marketing executive, he said that he left the company. I tried to contact their IT person Mr. Sandeep Yadav, he also told me to left company. This company is making fool & provides zero output. you can check their price updates on my e-mall at

Apna paisa bachana hai to Big Bazaar se product le lo.