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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life Care Foundation: A Registered N.G.O dedicated in the field of stress management and drug de-addiction

Life Care Foundation (L.C.F) is a registered N.G.O. being run by a group of Doctors, Engineers and other intellectuals dedicated in the field of stress management and drug de addiction which are two burning issues of Punjab. We at the L.C.F conduct workshops, seminars and training programmers in the field of stress management along with publishing books on personal excellence. Establishing knowledge bank of N.R.I's of Punjab is our dream endeavor.

L.C.F. is running following programmes
  • Knowledge Bank
  • Workshops
> Inside Out
> Edge
> Life Positive
  • It consists of:
> Inside Out
> Personality Ethics
> Different Stress Management Therapies.
  • De-addiction Programme
> Punarjanam

If you are a Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, Architect, Teacher or expert in any other field and you want to share your expertise & knowledge with Universities, Colleges, Govt. Authorities, general public and business houses based mainly in Punjab and its surrounding we will facilitate your interaction with concerned organizations.

Come and join 'Edge' - "Success is all about attitude"

If you believe in it then don't miss the golden opportunity to get the 'Edge' - An Attitudinal training Program for the youngsters. Life Care Foundation, a Regd. N.G.O; has specially designed this certified program in association with Rotary International for helping you to have confidence and clarity of mind to define the right definition of your Goals, Success and Happiness. Come and join 'Edge' to have an edge over others.

INSIDE-OUT program will help you to develop positive qualities

Life has very beautiful things to offer, but very few of us really enjoy these things. These beautiful things don't come in attractive packages, rather these are always around us, inside us, but we lack the vision to feel these beautiful things. And these are the things responsible for our happiness, success and attitude.

All of us want to have a more fulfilling life. We all long for a more successful career, deeper and meaningful relationships, a healthy and more robust body and above all a life without negative stress and strains. Some time you must be wondering, why few people remain always happy, always with a smiling face, always attracting others and make you envy of them. It is not that they don't have any worries and problems in their life. INSIDE-OUT is that specially designed program which will help you to develop all these positive qualities.

It is possible to bring one's dormant potential to the surface. Attitudinal skill i.e. human relations, adjustable at home and office level, decision making, time management, creativity etc.

This course is a compendium of useful advice on the art of living. It is packed with practical information on everything ranging from overcoming stress, strain and worries, raising children in the right way, to getting closer to your family. This course encloses every dimension of the human personality including you as a person.

De-addiction Programme - Punarjanam

Is a programme of deaddiction by the Counseling, Meditation, Yoga, Panchkarma and Ayurvedic Medicines to bring our youth back to real life of happiness and productivity.

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