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Friday, April 1, 2011

Mafia Wars Autoplayer Script Firefox/Chrome Browser

Mafia Wars Autoplayer is a script made to work with greasemonkey add-on on your Firefox/Chrome browser.

With the Mafia Wars Autoplayer you will be able to automate doing jobs, harvesting cuban business, deposit money when it reaches certain amount automayically, do fighting, robbing even collect bounty for you, it can also auto purchase inventories for you, probabaly one of the best thing with Mafia Wars Autoplayer is when it does a job, and you don’t have the prerequisite item for that particular job it will automatically go and do the job to try and fill the prerequisite which is great. For those of you that is addicted to Mafia Wars, check it out.

How to use this:
  • Install greasemonkey – CLICK HERE TO INSTALL
  • Install the script – CLICK HERE TO INSTALL SCRIPT
  • On your facebook homepage: Hold Ctrl, then click on your “Mafia Wars” bookmark. This will prevent the application from shrinking into a bar.
  • Alternatively, load mafia wars using this link - CLICK HERE

Google Chrome support!

Video Tutorial on how to use this in Firefox