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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary...Amazing Trip To Sariska

Well to say this was my trip, my post……… would be totally untrue. At best, this was my dream.

There are ppl in this world, some of them so wonderful, that made this dream become an unforgetable trip & you are reading this post on this blog. I would like to thank all of them, an in particular:

Apna Jaat, pyara Jaat, sabka raaj dulara Jaat….Dinesh Singh…Mentor, guru, friend & big bro, who taught me …..he he he he he chalo chodo abb kya batao, ki kya kya sikha gya bhai jaate jaate mere ko…..& stayed with me right till the end. If he had not encouraged me all the way, I would never be hold that much…..but wat???? Abbe khud he samaz jao..

Shivlu Jain [The Tashan], Sanjoy Ghoshal [Udi baba..hmmhai bangoli babu], Logu [Agar is ko hindi aata hotta ……ya pir humko tamil atta hota ……….to ye hum sabki bajaa deta], Prashant [Mr.Kurta Pajyama…vo bhi chudidaar…kuch bhi bolo per ladka hai handsome] & finally my self [Sala bolo ya kutta bolo….ya bolo tum kamina….mai to nikaal dunga tumhare buttocks ka pasinaa]….Amazing friends

Apart from being shocked by some of incidents in the trip, all kept their calm, as we faced tough job of shooting the wild life…plants & animals.

Sariskais originally a hunting preserve of the erstwhile Alwar state, the area was declared a wildlife reserve in 1955. In 1978 it was declared a Tiger Reserve and is now a part of India's Project Tiger scheme. The present area of the park is 866 km². The park is situated 107 km north east of the state capital Jaipur.

Pandu Pole - Pandu Pole is 18 km from Sariska and is noted for its historic importance and natural beauty. It is said that Pandavas spent one year of their hiding (Agyatwas) in the caves of this mountain.

Pandupole is really a wondrous place with almost everything to please a traveler.Pandupole has an ancient mythical connotation attached to it. Pandupole was the ancient site where the strongest among the Pandavas, Bhima, vanquished the giant demon Hidimb and in return for this victory earned the hand of his sister, Hidimba.

Now curiosity arises why the name PANDU-POLE Hanumanji temple ? It's called PANDU-POLE Hanumanji temple becausePandavas established this temple. According to epic Mahabharata , when Pandavas's 12

Year period of exile was about to expire and Pandavas did not have an escape route , Bheemdev made a hole in the hillock( called POLE in local dialect ) and became egoistic & proud of his feat . To show him the real power , Lord Hanumaanji became a huge-sized monkey and blocked his way . When Bheemdev could not lift Hanumaanji's even tail ,Lord Hanumaanji disclosed Himself and asked Bheemdev to be humble always . This temple is in that memory , therefore and stated to be quite ancient ( more than 5400 years old ) as belonging to Lord Krishna or Gita dialogue or Mahabharata era !