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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip to Sultanpur Bird Santuary - 22/11/2008 - 1

We had some money left from our previous networking dinner party so decided to disperse the amount on a picnic. The venue decided was Sultanpur bird sanctuary.A sojourn of almost 35-40
km from Delhi.SO the meeting point was decided to be the first petrol pump after we take a left turn from Mahipalpur via Vasant Kunj.
Well we are bunch of ronins with a personal agenda for every task.So Amar decided to start late (he had to involve himself in settling a dispute with few fist fights).He met us the last at the sanctuary itself and was not part of the starting journey from Delhi.Param and Inder had
to prepare for their own wedding so the dressing up takes some time ,decided to start late.Manesh and Raja were the most responsible ones but had to suffer the most of waiting for the group at the highway for almost an hour(or maybe more).
So we were on four bikes with Ravindra,Maneesh,Raja,Inder,Param,and myself and we took the NH8 searching for Maruti chowk.We had checked earlier from the net that we had to take a right turn from this chowk.Now this was easier said than done.We reached the Maruti chowk
after asking few persons midway but there was no right turn.all the crossings were blocked.We had to drive further atleast 3-4 km and go for a U turn from the toll bridge (finishing toll gate of NH8).After driving atleast 7-8 km back to the Maruti chowk the left turn was taken and the
ride began..The road from here just goes from bad to worse so be prepared for a rough and tough ride.The ride for this straight road is almost 10-12km(approx).

Ensure you ask for directions regularly because it is very easy to skip the left turn which takes you straight to the sanctuary.Once we took the left turn,the ride just got worse and the
roads were just too bad.Another drive for around 10 km brought us on the
main gates of our destination.

We brought the tickets (5 per head and parking 10 per bike)an another 25 for the camera.Should have hidden the same in our bags and not disclosed to save the amount.We were told not to take any eatables inside so decided to park at an adjacent park housing the govt guest house and
plush green lawns.
We sat on one of the tables and opened our food -paneer tikka and chicken tikka(which was cooked at home)but were immediately hounded by the guest house person to relocate to some lawns(no business for him...:-))

We parked in the lawn and had some photo sessions with beer and snacks.In the meantime Amar and Navtej joined us and we gobbled up on the snacks and another round of beers and atlast entered the gate for the sanctuary.It was already touching 4pm and the gate closes at 4.30 so we entered a bit late but what the heck....the food and beer and photo
sessons were worth the delay.
Anyway we all entered the sanctuary and immediately were greeted by bird watch tower on which we readily climbed..The view from the top was just awesome.The vastness of the green land with the lakes and birds was too good and we clicked tons of pics .Not to mention there was inhouse entertainment provided by our jesters Amar,Param and Inder.

The walk in the sanctuary was just great.We were surrounded by dense grass,plants,trees and the route is pretty decently maintained with bare minimum trash.Maybe because of the reduced frequency of travellers to the place.Can't blame anyone.We are more concerned with malls than
gardens...The evolved human species..... The birds were at a distance and there were huge flocks .Only one of the cameras was capable of trapping the closeups.And we maintained our
distance because the lake and the path is filled with swamp damp lands.The marshy grasslands made sure we kept our distance.In case we have to come again,we will have to get our shoes and self dirty in sludge and get nearer to the birds.We spotter many nilgais and few deers
ON the whole it was a pleasant weekend and we all decided there would be a return trip since the vastness of the place needs some more exploration.But be careful with the helmets since one went missing on our return by 6pm at the maingate.