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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Facebook Mafia War Autoplayer Script, Tips, Tricks, Tools & Cheats

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This post is dedicated to all Mafia Wars players. I developed it to help out the players by collecting the MW information from all over the net besides my personal experiences.

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Facebook Mafia Wars Autoplayer

Mafia war auto player, a script;
  • Install Mozilla Firefox from here
  • Install grease monkey from here
  • Follow this link and click on Green Install button - This link is updated on 05 Feb 2011, If not working, pls leave a comment here.
  • Instructions for the auto player. Click Here
  • MAFIA WARS BOT GUIDE. Click here

Facebook Mafia War Autoplayer Script, War Strategy, Guide for new players, Hints, Tips & Tricks, Cuba & Mascow hidden facts & information

Some more usefull links:
  • Mafia wars cheats and tips for Facebook Part One. Click Here
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Useful Mafia tools, called bookmarklets:
How do you use these Tools?
Firstly please make sure you are using Firefox! The Bookmarklets work best using Firefox.
Drag bookmarklet to your bookmark bar

For Mafia War Combat Calculator. Click Here

  • CEO?
  • Account administrator
Why join a Clan?
  • Joining a Clan adds a different element to the game Good backup
  • Help other players as well as recieving help
  • If you are looking for a Clan then try our list out! Click here for the complete list of Clan
How not to got robbed on Mafia War
1. Your mafia size should be at least the equivalent of your level.
2. Make sure your mafia is equipped!
3. Level Up!
4. Don't rob other players.
5. Win a lot of fights.
6. Don't put people on the hitlist.
7. Protect your property.

Mafia War Energy Pack Secret
If you click on the link below and are due for an energy pack (you can use one every 23 hours)

How to use Energy Pack ?
Don't use energy packs simply to level up. Using them for Collecting Cameras, Untraceable Cell Phones, Concealable Cameras, and Computer Set-ups. You need around 400 cell phones, probably around 500 or 600 concealable cameras, and 250 computer set-ups to master all the jobs.

Step by Step process:

1. Keep your energy pack until you level up.
2. Get to a fresh level.
3. Demote your Mastermind.
4. Use all of your energy on robbing the electronics store (enforcer tier).
5. Use your energy pack when you are out of energy.
6. Rob the electronics store until you almost level up.
7. Re-promote your Mastermind.
8. You should do your most expensive job right before you level up so you can get a head start on the next level.
9. Continue leveling!
If you have any questions which you may want to ask then please join in our free chat room which is always open..

How to win fights on facebook Mafia War..
1. Increase your Mafia size
2. Equip your Mafia

  • TNT (+62) Cuban Weapon found in the job 'Raid The Arms Depot'
  • Guerrilla Squad (+64) Cuban Armor found in the job 'Supply The FRG With Some Extra Muscle'
  • Armored State Car (+68) Cuban Vehicle found in the job 'Storm The Presidential Palacet'
TNT - 42 Attack, 20 defense - drops from the "Raid the Arms Depot" job in the El Padrino tier.
Hu-9 Helicopter - 36 attack, 27 defense - drops from the "Attack the Army Command Post" job in the El Padrino tier.
Guerrilla Squad - 30 attack, 34 defense - drops from the "Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle" job in the El Padrino tier.
3. Put points in Attack
4. Do not waste godfather points on reward items

By increasing your Mafia size (up to 501), making sure your mafia is stocked up on the best equipment, by putting some stat points in Attack, and by spending Godfather points on stats to add to attack, you can be sure to increase your chances of winning. However, you will never win 100% of fights - opponents who are Top Mafia bodyguards have a chance to always win on defense, plus critical hits, which are infrequent but occur, will always cause a loss in a fight.
Offensive and Defensive Best Weapons.

New York Weapons

Chain Gun (+30) This can be bought early on, and as soon as you can afford it max out your inventory with them When reaching Level 99 Swap out the chain guns for Bonus Weapons (+40), these are the best weapons you can purchase in early on in Mafia Wars
In New York there are limited options available, Body Armor (+11) is the best, but almost any loot is better!
Town cars (+22) win out here and remember there is a achievement bonus for owning 500 Town cars, (after you have bought them you can sell them to reduce your upkeep)

In Cuba

None, the New York Bonus Weapons are better items so only buy what you need for jobs here
Rebel Sniper (+42) are the winning items here, buy as many as you can, but remember each one bought increases your 'Bribe Penalty' by 0.5% up to the Max of 80%
Commercial Helicopter (+44) Sell all the town cars and replace them with Choppers, because there is nothing more scary then 501 Mafia coming over the horizon in Choppers carrying bonus Weapons! But don't forget your Bribe Penalty!

These are very good weapons but not the best:
AR-15 +42
M16A1 +42
RA-92 +40
Para 322 +48
Gaff Hook +50
ASC45 "Conquistador" +54
Cane Knife +46
Aguila HV .50 Sniper Rifle +56
Ru-38 Pistol +44
These are all Good Weapons spanning from a +40 to a +56 all great weapons to get you out of trouble!
Camouflage Body Armor +46
Federal Agent +40
Bodyguards +33
These are not so good only ranging from +33 to +46
Si-14 Cargo Plane +62
Hu-9 Helicopter +63
Montaine 320 +50
Chucho FAV +45
Mini-Sub +55
Mara Serpiente +42
Cigarette Boat +52
Ocelot Armored Truck +46
Armored Limousine +52
Humvee +48
Private Jet +50
Police Cruiser +50