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Friday, April 1, 2011

Tiger Woods touching appeal after apologising for his penchant for dating waitresses

Readers, here I am not saying that what Tiger did was right. But I want to discuss one man who never ever even indulge in an affair with women throwing themselves at him, given the opportunity. Tiger made a touching appeal after apologising for his "transgressions", "There is an important and deep principle at stake, which is the right to some simple, human measure of privacy...Personal sins should not required press releases and problems within a family shouldnt have to mean public confessions."

Friends, in my openion due to the pressure of media and public shout his marriages break. In most of the cases, a man is brought down to his knees in a manner far worse than his mistakes deserved. Ace achievers like Tiger is in danger because the witch-hunting by media and public outcry may have irreversibly damaged his game. His image already shattered and the witch-hunting led by international media is amazing. Channels have withdrawn advertisements of products endorsed by the golf legend..!! Newspapers and websites have actually set up special desks with dedicated numbers that scream out, "Do you know any women linked to Tiger Woods?? Call Us!"

That one act cannot take away everything else Tiger stood for. Do a few stray romps mean he loved or valued his family any less???? Do a few meaningless encounters justify the public destruction of one of the best golfing talents the world has seen?????? OR, the frenzied "lovecheat golfer" tirade launched by western media???

There is an element of perverse pleasure media and people take in the public humiliations of a celebrity. In a throwback to times of archaic public hangings and strong, everyone seems to gleefully reach for the first stone to throw.