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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Top 10 words used whole year in conversations

  1. JAI HO: After a series of wins globally, this one seemed to have cast a magical spell so much so that even our poloticians could not resist shouting JAI HO to pice up their campaign and win the hearts of the AAM JANTA.
  2. SLUMDOG: It become a moniker for whoever shot to fame without support. When someone small bacame someone big, people said, "Woh toh slumdog the, abb dekho kya ben gya!"
  3. MOBAMA: It was definitely the year of Mrs Obama - Mobama!
  4. EMOSANAL ATYACHAR: Peers, teachers, boss, spouse - they are all accused of enforcing emosanal atyachar on us poor soul
  5. 377: The Supreme Court ruling on July 3 decriminalising homosexuality, this 149 year old colonial era law became a moniker for freedom and celebration across the country.
  6. TWITTER: Exchanging tweets nothing, expressing opinions, connecting with fans or even badmouthing someone was never as easy and quick before twitter came our way.
  7. SEXTING: Texting & chatting is regular but when it comes to suggestive messages and not so suggestive MMSs, sexting is not only sex-citing, but has also got people discussing its benefits and know-hows..!!
  8. AUSTERITY: The government decided to pull the purse strings in the time of recession, and the word became the most discussed concern nationally - in the Indian corridors of power.
  9. RECESSION: The crux of all office banter - be it in debates, boardrooms discussions, gossip and also the whining of shopaholics, this word spread faster than fire...even those who had nothing to do with recession were seen and heard discussing it.
  10. CATTLE CLASS: Shashi Tharoor might have been reprimanded by the high command for this word, but all people - holy and unholy (if not cows) - pondered over it, over and over again.