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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Till Date No reply from TATA INDICOM Customer Care for Complaint No : 128205 & 128209

Readers, This problem has been reported by Mr.Bhupendar Singh ( All details are as cited below.
Name: Bhupendar Singh
Complaint for Mobile no: *****69366
Document provided: Gujarat Driving Licence.
Complaints made before: Ref No.128205 and 128209
The complaint email already been sent to TATA INDICOM Customer Care @

Here is the full story in the words of victim himself.

The story begins with the complain which I registered on 9/12/09 at TATA INDICOM website. I got the call back for the below complain but they told that we will look into the matter and will start your connection as soon as possible, but still its not started. Whats the use of taking this connection when i am still not able to use it, its more then 20 days now and still its out of service. I want this problem to get resolved as soon as possible.

"I visited your TATA INDICOM shop on date:23-NOV-2009 located at "SCF 19 main market,malhar road,saraba nagar, Ludhiana 141004". There was one lady representative who had a talk with me, i told her that i am willing to buy a new Tata Prepaid CDMA connection with a new CMDA Handset of samgsung.

She suggested me to buy Samsung SCH-B189, i agreed on buying samsung handset(MODEL:SCH-B189, FCC ID:A3LSCHB189) and i took a new sim card under PAY PER CALL PLAN(MDN:9256869366, SR NO.221100320281904). I gave her my documents including photo copy of my Gujarat Licence(As i am in Ludhiana now for further 2 years), 2 photos of myself, and gave her information of my location in ludhiana. First she told that as your licence is of Gujarat it is not a valid document, i told her that i already have two other mobile connection in which i gave licence of Gujarat as my document. So she called some one for knowing whether they can accept licence of Gujarat or not, then she agreed on accepting my licence.

After giving the documents i left the shop. And what i found is after 6 days of taking the connection i get an error while making call "This service is not available on your phone, please call customer care". The next day i again visited the same shop, and had a talk with the same lady who assisted with taking a new connection, i asked her why am i getting such kind of voice response while making call, she said sorry i was not able to submit your documents as i was ill for one week and today only i resumed my duty. Correct me if i am wrong !!! is there only one person working in the shop ? because i saw two person once in the shop and isn't there any kind of handover to the other colleague working in the shop? who could have submitted my documents.

I again agreed to wait for 2 more days, still my connection was not started, so i had a telecommunication with her and she said that your documents are rejected so you need to submit some other documents. Now i know that was a silly excuse, i called prepaid customer care and confirmed the same that are my documents rejected, they clearly denied that sir your documents have not reached to us, and there is no rejection state on the same, and they even said that your document of Gujarat will work for sure if you are prepaid customer.

I again called that girl, she stopped picking up my calls, Neither she told her name on asking when ever i use to visit that shop, there was no response from that particular shop afterwards. Then i no more visited that shop and decided to put an Email for the same to see whether this option will work for me. And more over i want to know that is it how TATA customers are treated ? And i would like to tell you that i am also working under TATA group, and so i know how much importance we give to our customers. I want my connection to start as soon as possible, i want an apology call as well as Email from Both that lady who is working on TATA shop and as well as the TATA telecommunication Ltd. I want her to call me and tell her name and ask for apology. And i want a report on how will u compensate my time that was wasted while visiting again and again on your shop, and calls that i made to the shop which was of no use. And till now my connection is not working and due to that lots of my work is getting disturbed. Please take the necessary action and start my connection. Awaiting for the positive reply as soon as possible."