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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Navtej Singh da ho gya Happy Birthday to you..!!

Yup. This is my big brother Navtej Singh Patti waale (19 November, 1982). And today is his birthday. Love you dude. You are a total armored saint.

We had a lot of fun and great moments as kids, and there were plenty of tough moments too. I won’t mention all of them, because it’s your birthday today and I want it to be a happy time for you. It’s a special occasion and you should celebrate. I do think it’s important to ponder on those tough times though and realize how they’ve shaped our lives and who we’ve become. I think we should always choose to remember them in ways that make us stronger and better men as we raise our ourselves a lot, love our friends, and lead our families. Tough moments aren’t always bad and often are building blocks for who God is shaping us to be.

Today is a big moment in your life. Some would say you are over the hill. Others would say you’ve reached a major milestone, and some would call you old man. Enjoy your day today for it’s the last time you’ll be turning 27...!!

Hummmm english kuch jaida to nahi naaaa maar di maine...LOLZ...Bahut gud gud likh diyaa tere baare mai oyee. Hun thoda desi vich teriyaan tarifaan ker laiye.

Banda bada class vaaa...but udikke sirf mere chadyaa ajje tak. Baaki ta kissi v maa de putter nu nede v nahi lagan dinda. Ek.. Raat nu praa sade lai wine le ke aaya. Ek french c, duji australian c te tizzi apni desi Indian wine...Naaal siggi machhi.

We cu the cake @ exact 12 and kick his BUMPS 27 times...ha ha ha.. what the moments it was. Suddenly the bell ranges and wuppppppppppp..It was a surprise gift and cake for him. The delivery boy handed over all the stuff to us keeping us under ZORRRRR ka ZHATKAAAA. Who is the HE/SHE, who send the gift, Is he/she some one from Delhi or Punjab ?????

I am still waiting the comments from Navi side. Let him reveal the secret...(Waise ander ki baat ye hai ki is chizz ki plotting ek din pehle se hi ho gai thi...HEHEHEHEHE .....SAB KHOPCHEE mai )