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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My first encounter with the Legend: My Black Royal Enfield Classic | “It’s not just a bike It’s a Legend”

Hi i have great passion for automobiles like other crazy guys. I had learned driving in my school days on my Yamaha, its still with me . It took me to all places i want to go without fail. After 14 years i started thinking for a new one. It is tough to choose one because lots of vehicles are available in the market in different range.

Then my brother came up with an idea, why should we go for a Bullet. First i thought he was joking because in my mind all bull riders have a better physic. From that day i started watching bull riders and i found that lot of guys like me riding the legend comfortably. This gives a lot of boost that turn my decision from buying a bike to Bullet. The next difficulty was selecting the model, which one i should go for?

Again i started my research on it, it take me to, online review sites and some proud owners of this legend.

The seasoned users preferred royal enfield standard model and new ones suggested for new generation versions of the same. When we say an enfield the image that came to our mind will be a standerd bullet. But i felt in our traffic condition its difficult to ride it, i saw lot of people struggling with it in the city traffic. Then i changed my mind from standard to Electra and Thunderbird.

In these days i got some friends through orkut and These friends helped me a lot in knowing more about enfy and latest models. At that time i heard a news that enfy is going to launch two new models. It was classic 350 and 500. When i saw it first time got attracted very much with its design and decided to go for it. The next thing was money, it was conquered me like any thing, the only thing i wanted to own one at any cost.

My greatest asset is my family members, they agreed with my decision and finally i booked one. Since it is a newly launched i had to wait for two months. Everyday i woke-up with its thought and nights in its dream.

The day finally came 23 December 2009 like an X'mas gift. The most interesting thing was i didn't ride or even sit on it early. Don’t know why i didn’t tried, a small reason was fear. I didn’t touched it on the test drive day too. But my brother had ride its different models. It was my confidence on him, friends and the company that gave me courage to get one without even touching it.

Now i understand i wasn't wrong, the one i need was with me now. The Royal Enfield Classic 350

Till now i covered 600 km. Understanding more about my bull. Now i believe what others says about it is 100 percent true “It’s not just a bike It’s a Legend”