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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is Speak Asia Online Scam (Fraud) Company for Investment? Ask Mr.Navi 9464256908 the real truth

Is Speak Asia Online Scam (Fraud) Company for Investment? Ask Mr.Navi 9464256908 the real truth

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Is Speak Asia Online Scam (Fraud) Company for Investment? Many people want to know that the Speak Asia Online company is scam or legitimate (real). Some of them say it is a very genuine Company from Singapore and some say that they are paying now, but don’t know when they will withdraw the business.

Speak Asia Online is 6 years old in survey services and started its services in India in Feb, 2010. They say you can earn 4000/- to 40,000 per month by giving simple online survey answers just siting at your home office etc. And of course this is MLM business and we have already saw many MLM business which are closed after their pockets have filled. First you should register by paying $200 as registration fee and in return you get $40 per month for the next 12 months and there is referral (MLM) program also.

Till date no reports has been received from any of the member & company also cleared all the paychecks with in 2 days. Many guys also earning in lakhs. For any MLM business, the key point is to join it as soon as possible and earn as much as you can. More you think, the more time you will waste & more risk you will take. ITS VERY SIMPLE. I highly recommend Speak Asia to all of you guys. Now just stop thinking and join before you all friends join it. Make profit and enjoy the money.

Amit agarwal of says -

Speak Asia Online has been around in India for about an year now and it looks like the company has been regularly paying members the promised commissions and thus more people are getting lured into the system. Some existing members are even re-investing their own profits back into the system to increase the size of their paycheck. Remember the rice and chessboard story? Speak Asia Online is working on adding new users at a similar rate – one new member will invite two more who in turn will bring another four new members to the system and thus the subscriber base will grow as quickly as the number of rice grains on that chess board. Once enough people join their unsustainable and unbelievable business, the company will simply vanish into thin air. There’s no ‘easy money’ on the Internet and the ease and scale at which this company is operating in India has simply baffled me. Please stay clear!