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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mizoram student was killed at Lovely Professional University (LPU) by group of Sudanese and a Tanzanian student

Lovely Professional University (LPU): Mizoram Student Killed by group of Sudanese and a Tanzanian student

Why I am publishing this news: Because I have done my B.Tech from Lovely Professional University (LPU). In my views, It's a MURDER case.

UPDATE on 27th April 11:30 PM: Teaching will remain suspended in the lovely professional university from 28th April to 30th April..

UPDATE on 28th April 12:15 AM: One more student who was a friend of Johny had died and there is one more who is critical.. all over the campus is the condition of lathi charge.

Shame on LPU Management.. hope it recovers soon or otherwise it is going to result in a huge.

UPDATE on 28th April 12:30 AM: LPU is on fire now. Police and students are fighting with each other. Law , 6th , 6a , 3 , 5 Blocks Many Kiosks bashed ! Cc audi badly bashed ! Fire at BH 3 BH 2 Totally bashed No Currently there ! G.T Road Jammed , Buses In Pieces , Stones On Punjab Police , No Fire Brigade Yet Near BH 3 , Tear Gases all around , Air Firing at BH 2 , Lathi Charge Still , Itz A Battle Field , More Than Half Of the University is Damaged By The Students.

UPDATE on 28th April 12:50 AM: Update by Aman Shah: Those bloody bastard africans are still moving freely...just because of the support of our great lpu management...They are just trying to close this chapter without justice, just to get more admission & to get more money....The idiot dean of lpu MS.Rashmi mittal is responsible for all this. kehte hain na apno ko lage toh dard ka pta chalta hai.. dusron ko kuch ho toh dard ka ehsaas nhi hota.. same is the case here. the innocent johny is not the family member of that stupd dean.. so wo dean kya jaanegi uski life ki value??? unn parents ko pucho ki unhone kya khoya? incase agr johny ki jagah dean ka apna beta hota toh bhi wo aise act krti kya?? tab bhi clg ki reputation ko dekhti... nhi wo justice ke liye fight krti, i m damn sure..toh johnny ke case mein kyn kuch nhi kar rahi.. \.. & at last i just want to say MS. MITTAL that don't act like a politician, be a woman & give a justice to johnny & his family.. MAY JOHNY REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!

UPDATE on 28th April 01:10 AM: Every thing normal now & under control.

UPDATE on 28th April 01:15 AM: Finally the FIR has been logged & NON BAILABLE FIR WARRANT HAS BEEEN MADE.......against the three guilty, 2 Sudanese & 1 Tanzanian but still it is not clear that what LPU management has logged in the complaint.


UPDATE on 28th April 01:30 AM: All the 3 Culprits not yet arrested & they flew away from Punjab

Johnny Jwala from Mizoram

We regret the sad and untimely demise of our young student Johny F Lalhmangaihzuala. We standby the bereaved family at this unfortunate time. We pray to the almighty for the peace of the departed soul and granting strength to family and friends to bear this irreparable loss.

R.i.P bro....

PHAGWARA: A Mizoram student was killed by a group of Sudanese and a Tanzanian student in Lovely Professional University. Sudan, is a country in northeastern Africa & Tanzania is a country in East Africa

The scuffle took place on Tuesday night late evening over some trivial issue during a football match between Mizo and Sudanese students and the student died around midnight.

Two Sudanese students and one Tanzanian have been named in the FIR registered on the statement of university official and they have been arrested by the police.

Deceased Johny F Lalhmangaih Zuala (22) student of B Tech (Civil) Second year, was badly thrashed and he succumbed to his internal injuries in a hospital around midnight following which Indian students went on a ransacking spree inside the University and police had to be called. It is learnt that the ransacking took place around the hostel where Mizo students were staying as the latter vent out their ire after death of their friend.

According to an eyewitness, who was part of the Mizo team during a semifinal football match between the Mizo team and Sudan Eagle Team, in the late evening on Tuesday, Johny had scored a goal and their team was ahead of Sudan with one goal. "We wanted to replace a team mate while a free kick was given to the Sudanese team and suddenly a few infuriated members of the Sudanese team pounced upon Johny. Even before we could rush to save him they had already rained blows and kicks on him and Johny fell unconscious," the Mizo player, who did not want to be identified told TOI. "We did try to save him and finally, with the help of university officials who were present there, managed to separate them but the damage had already been done in 2-3 minutes as apart from the Sudanese team some of their supporters had also surrounded the victim," he said.

The victim was then rushed to Gandhi Hospital Phagwara where he died around midnight. As the news of his death spread angry Mizo and other Indian students went on a ransacking spree. Apart from damaging some kiosks they also targeted some vehicles belonging to the University. The university authorities then called police on whom also stones were pelted by the angry students and an ASI Ramandeep Singh sustained injuries while a couple of other got gashes. While sources revealed that police also fired in the air to control the mob on rampage but SHO Sadar Phagwara Ravinder Singh denied it.

Case against two Sudanese students Hashim Idriss, Ahmad Aigaly and one Tanzanian student Saeed Fesial has been registered under sections 302 and 34 of IPC on the basis of the statement of LPU Security Officer Surinder Khurana.

Meanwhile, heavy deployment of police was made in the University. Sources said that international students, especially those from African counties, were sent outside the university campus to avoid any backlash attack on them.

A leader of Jalandhar Mizo Students Union told that Johny's father was working as SDO in Mizoram PWD and was posted in a remote area and could not be informed about the death of his son till noon.

Meanwhile, LPU authorities have made arrangements to transport his body to Mizoram. Mizo students converged at Civil Hospital Phagwara where postmortem was conducted.

According to comments received

Duhawma Pachuau (Lunglei, Mizoram)
RIP Johny. A va han runthlak em. It happens only in India, shame@blame goes to LPU Authorities as well as to our very busy politicised Government. Very well done LPU Gold diggers. Thumps down.
Mathantea Pa (Aizawl)
Outrageous!! Middle East ppl esp. rich oil merchants kids come to India, spend their money on our women, despise our men. Loathe us and yet wants to stay in India. Its our country, Its our land, we don't want them doing any more trouble to our esteemed Motherland. We as Indians should stand united and prevent such things from happening in the future.

A student (LPU)
This is a very unfortunate accident.. A wrong of one person must not be blamed on whole community. On the other hand, the LPU Administration is very good at playing politics and acting. They don't let the news come out.. it's a shame that i am paying to such an institution which is the biggest mimicry act in itself- They say something else, do something else and the result is something else. There were around 80 people (or more) watching the match (It was an OFFICIAL EVENT in university- Football matches) when the brawl began (because one of the team couldn't digest the fact that they were loosing).. no one intervened, probably scared of there lives... if someone had mustered courage, a life would have been saved... Not those 10, all those who were watching are also convicts.. If You cannot stop a wrong, You are part of the wrong.. This is high time LPU Administration should channelize there efforts in actually enforcing than pretending to be some super-advanced university in advertisements and banners... SHAME on us!
khushi (lpu)
it's a shame for us tht foreigners kicked us in India too,,,n wht if we would hav been in their states they would hav taken the revenge by the time indians are watching...they got to pay for wht they did... juzz go away frm our country else we can also do the way others deal wid indians for committing a crime in other nation (Moscow) replies to khushi (lpu)what else will cowards do, they will sit and watch only
tamanna (lpu)
well very rightly said yogesh, lpu talks about its discipline and security and how a bunch of foreigners are ruining it. these africans have already created mess many times before if lpu had taken strict action rather then ignoring to maintain its reputation we wudnt had to see this day. may johny RIP

seema (LPU )
i really regret wat ever happened yesterday evening wid "JOHNY"....mistakes r not only of Sudanese but also of LPU security...while the match was going on...there must be security present there as LPU have lot of security guards...securities are here only for catching lovers without any reason and nothing else these securities are here for :( strict action must be taken against Sudanese students:( Atlast i pray for peace of your soul dear "JOHNY" WE WILL BE MISSING YOU A LOT :(

Rpk Rex (Jalandhar, India)
Just feeling shame on myself to be part of the university. This is such a big issue yet no action has been taken nor anything has been clarified. Even we are not allowed to do silent protest. And police is charging lathi on taking no action with violence. We are following the slogan of "Athithi devo bhavo" but when guest is doing such a criminal offence then why not we. Our only question is "What is done for the student died and what is done for the security of students studying here?

Mizohican (Mumbai)
What I don't understand is, how can a bunch of foreign students, who are "guests" of this country, have the audacity and guts to thrash someone to death right in front of everybody? If you and I were studying at a foreign country, would we even disrespect the locals over there? This just shows how little they think of us and that they know nothing will happen to them because they are "foreigners" and many of them have their daddy's oil rich bank account to bail them out anywhere. They know they can get away even with murder. Its high time our Govt makes an example of such people, giving those who are responsible the harshest punishment possible, even if they are foreigners. Indian students abroad are beaten up by the locals over there. Does this mean that even here in India, Indian students are not safe from the fiery wrath of foreigners? Rest In Peace, dear Johny, and my utmost condolences to your grieving family back in Mizoram. Going through your facebook wall brings tears to our eyes, intensifying our rage rather than dousing it. Your death will never be forgotten.

Himanshu Choudhary (JALANDHAR,PUNJAB)
now the worst part of the story has arised..... lpu management is now trying to disclose dis matter so that their should be no negative affect on their foriegn admissions... they r trying 2 make it a case of accident.... wat a shame...

ram din thara (solomon islands)
Very unfortunate! Foreign students killed an Indian student in India! The guilty party should face the full force of the law. RIP, Johny.

PC.lalnghinglova (PC-a) (Rajasthan)
Indian studens have beeb killed in Australia and in many more foreign soils and, indians are hapless there.Now, native student is brutally butcherred to death by merciless foreigner in our door step.Befitting action must be taken.May God dwell with the family of Jonny and may his soul rest in peace.

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