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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

History of Taj Mahal: The True Story of Taj Mahal History

Readers, continuing to my previous post Real History of Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal History & The True Story.

Here I will post few more pics which clearly shows the hidden doors, room and stairs in Taj Mahal. Hope you like this. Awaiting your comments and views on this.

The secret stairways in the Taj Mahal.
Here you can see, not far from the plinth of the Taj, the stairway that goes down to the 22 rooms. It is surrounded by the red sandstone railing.
The interior of the so-called Mosque at one end from the Taj with evidence it was converted later into a mausoleum. Steps were for the Mullahs to preach. But see how they break the pattern of decoration on the wall and also on the floor. This means that these steps are not original, but were put up when this building was converted into Mosque by Shahjahan. Also, when praying in this building, Muslims would face West, i.e. Bandar Abbas in Iran, NOT Mecca as is more correct.
The interior of one of the rooms around the cenotaph chamber. These are areas where other forms of worship were held around the central shrine room, if the Taj was indeed a temple palace.
We are now outside the Cenotaph Chamber. Note how the steps in plain marble break up the designs on the plinth wall. This means that they are not original.
Decoration on the side of blocked up doorway.
You can see blocked doorways and windows where there are several rooms in the 19 foot high plinth. This would be where entrances would lead to many pathways to the rooms within.