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Saturday, May 1, 2010

List of Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycles

A list of motorcycles produced under the Royal Enfield brand by the original company, Enfield Manufacturing Company Ltd of Redditch, UK, and its later incarnations, including the current company Royal Enfield Motors of Chennai, India:


Quadricycle1898Prototype. Production of De Dion powered tricycles and quadricycles started in 1899
First MotorcycleMAG or JAP1901Used Swiss MAG or British J.A.P. engine
Model 180770 ccWith V-twin JAP engine

Inter War Years

Model A225cc1930Two stroke single
Model B225cc1930Side valve single
Model C, F, G346cc1930Side Valve single
Model CO346cc1930Overhead Valve single
Model D, H, HA488cc1930Side Valve single
Model E, J, JA488 cc1930Overhead Valve single
Model K976 cc1930Side Valve V- twin
Model KX1140 cc1937Side Valve V- twin
Bullet346 cc1938Overhead Valve Single with alloy head was derived from Model G. First use of now famous Bullet name.

War Department

WD/RE125 ccKnown as the "Flying Flea". Two stoke single based on DKW RT. Used extensively in WW2 to jump with parachutes.
WD/C346 ccOverhead Valve single
WD/J2346 ccOverhead Valve single


Bullet 350350 cc single1938-1960ISDT winner
Bullet 500500 cc single1953-1962
Fury500 cc1957-1961Competition model highly successful in the USA; Rare 350 model also existed. Came with 1.5” Amal GP carb and Lucas Racing Magneto.
Meteor Minor500 cc twin1951-1960First twin cylinder post-war motorcycle. Parallel twin housed in the same swing arm frame as the singles.
Super Meteor700 cc twin1953-196240bhp touring model
Constellation700 cc twin??-196252bhp with “R” cams and single TT carb; Weak bottom end proved unreliable. Later detuned to make it more reliable.
700 Interceptor750 cc twin1960211 ever made; all were exported to USA; Engine code starts with VAX
750 Interceptor736 cc twin1962-1970Series 1, Series 1A, Series 2 (with wet sump lubrication)

Motorcycles made in India by Royal Enfield Motors , formerly Enfield India Ltd. (1955 onwards)

Bullet 350346 cc1955–2009350cc Bullet sold in different variations with both 4 speed and 5 speed gearboxes
Bullet 500499 cc1990–2010500cc Bullet sold in different variations with both 4 speed and 5 speed gearboxes
Ensign150 cc1960–196?150cc two-stroke engine
Sherpa/Crusader175 cc1963ndash;1980Motorcycle with a two stroke 175cc Villiers engine. Sherpa was rechristened Crusader after a restyling job in 1970.
Mini Bullet200 cc1980–1983Motorcycle with a enlarged 200cc Crusader engine. It was a favorite amongst racing enthusiasts in India.
Fantabulous150 cc1962–197?Scooter with a two stroke 150cc Villiers engine and heel/toe gearshift. First Indian made bi-wheeler to have an electric starter.
Machismo346 cc/499cc198?–2009Introduced with the classic 350cc Bullet engine with 4 speed gearbox; it later attained the AVL lean burn engine and eventually a 5 speed gearbox. Later, LB500 model came with the 500cc AVL lean burn engine. Sheet metal and trim had slight variations depending on the year. Indian market only model.
Fury163 cc1988–1995?It was a licensed copy of the Zundapp KS 175. It was the first motorcycle in India to sport a disc brake. Later model was called Grand Prix. Rare DW175 model came with drum brakes, both front and back.
Explorer50 cc198?–199?Air-cooled version of the Zundapp KS50 with 3 speed gearbox
Silver Plus50 cc198?–199?Step thru moped with kick start and hand gear shift. Based on Zundapp ZS/ZX 50 models.
MOFA22 cc198?–199?Mini moped designed by Morbidelli of Italy to manufacture in India. The 22cc two stroke engine had a centrifugal clutch and the fuel was carried in the frame down tube.
Lightning535 cc198?–2009Cruiser style motorcycle with 535cc based on Fritz Egli tuned Bullets. 87mm bore. Indian Market only model. Also available with electric start.
Diesel/Taurus312 cc198?–2001Diesel motorcyle with a 312cc 6.5bhp Lombardini diesel engine. Gearbox was beefed up to witstand increased torque. Taurus came with heavy-duty luggage rack for vending jobs.
Electra346 cc199?–2009Indian market only model with 346cc classic engine. 4 speed or 5 speed gearbox. Later models with electric start and TCI ignition.
Electra-X499 cc200?–presentExport only model with 500cc AVL lean-burn engine
Thunderbird346 cc198?–2009Cruiser style motorcycle that was a big hit to command almost half the domestic sales. Indian Market only model.
Thunderbird Twinspark350 cc2009–presentCruiser style motorcycle with Euro-4 compliant Unit Construction engine. Indian market only.