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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chris Pfeiffer indeed is Stunting for Life: Tendulkar of Stunt Biking

Now before we start our drone about this amazing performance let’s get a background check done. So what was the performance? A twenty-minute showcase of stunt biking. That’s nice, but who was the performer? Chris Pfeiffer, and now this question’ for those dimwits who have never heard of stunt biking... So is he a big deal?

Hmm... We’re not saying that he’s the Don Bradman of stunt biking, but he surely is the Sachin Tendulkar! But wait a second... isn’t there some debate going on which says Sachin is equal to the Don? But anyways, popularity wise Chris is nothing less than Sachin.

And performance wise there can be only one cricketer who he emulates. The devastating Viv Richards! And in case you’re one of those who gets satisfied only by championship wins and records then here we go...

Four-time World Champion Stunt Riding in 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2009; four-time European Champion Stunt Riding in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008; winner of Stuntwars 2006; four-times winner of the Erzberg Red Bull Harescramble, Extreme Enduro Race in 1996, 1997, 2000 and 2004 and the German Youth Champion Trial 1985.

Phew... Talking about records, how about a Long jump (obviously on a bike!) without a ramp over 33 people lying next to each other! And now we’re talking about the champ.

A couple of days back Delhi was greeted with some light showers. Already late we were zigzagging through the traffic to reach a certain mall in South Delhi which the last time we had visited was as dead as a graveyard.

At last we reached the venue and just as we got out of the basement parking lot we heard the thunderous roar of a BMW F800R. And there he was, the man, the machine, the crowd... Everything set for the final takeoff. And by the sheer number of people who had collected to witness the event we could easily gauge the popularity of Pfeiffer.

The congregation had an eclectic mix of hot chicks crazy about bikes, dudes in worn out jeans trying to show off their own skills, mall shoppers trying to figure what exactly this was all about... And all of them had surrounded the enclosure, which measured roughly about 60 X 15 meters (very bad with distances, hope we got it right!), where the show stopper was yet to come.

Do you understand grand? Or maybe an epic performance? Wheelies and stoppies are kids stuff. Every biker worth his riding boots can do these stunts in his sleep. But what about wheelies which can be stretched to limitless possibilities? No hands, one-handed crossovers, fender grabs, touchdown... imagine whatever and he did it.