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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy BirthDay To Amarjit Singh....To ME..!!

Friends.....I successfully completed 26 on last Saturday. It was 29th May. One of the most unforgettable moment in my life. On 28th Night, we had a GRAND party. All the arrangements was taken care by my brother Ajitpal Singh & Pritpal Singh. One of our friend Mr.Muttu also helped us a lot. The pics will be available soon. Still collecting it from my friends.

On 28th night, we have started the party with 20-22 friends. It was at my home. we all was enjoying a lot with high sound woofer music. We had played pure desi punjabi songs like.. MERA BADA KRARAA PUDNAA...BUrraaaa.

At exact 12 midnight, all my friends hit my so sweet bumps just like someone hitting an street dog. Overall it was wonderful experience. They bought a huge cake for me. When I saw it, my first expression was...HAI RABAA AAJJ TE MITRAAN NE BANDAAR BANA HI DENAA..because the cake was so huge, 4 faces equivalent to my face can easily digg into it.

Well less then a minute & most of the cake was on my face and on my body. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT. EXCEPT MY JOKEY UNDERWEAR..Nothing left on my body. I was looking like a small kid who just took bath in the tub filled with chocolate.

Suddenly, my door bell rang & received a very special BDAY card and 100's of flower from someone special. I came back to my room..suddenly the door bell rang again. My brother opened the door and one more huge bunch of beautiful flowers.. WAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Double surprise....double suspense....double happiness....everything was double on that special day.

Who send that second bunch of beautiful flowers...Its a secret which I will disclose very soon here on this blog.

Till then keep visiting and bless me. Will post Bday pics soon. Awaiting Comments