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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Facebook Mafia Wars Cheats Codes

Mafia Wars is one of the popular games all over the internet.This game is the most popular game of Zynga company.It already has 24,645,734 monthly active users on Facebook alone,which shows the popularity of this game.This game also has Myspace and Yahoo versions,which are not as popular as Facebook Mafia game. However,if someone is new to this game on Facebook,he is going to spend a lot of time to build his mafia,win more games and earn money.

In this case,facebook mafia cheat comes to help.With these cheats people can grow their mafia size in a short period of time,earn a lot of money easily,receive unlimited energy packs every day and etc.Moreover,they can learn secret codes about how they can receive free godfather points,improve all skills,including defence,attack and other useful cheats. Using these cheat codes,people can make a lot of money and then buy expensive properties to increase their income.For example,if a person has huge amount of money on his account,he can buy expensive casino,after that his earnings will be autopilot. So,if you want to level up,make huge amount of money,increase skills,get more energy pack,grow your mafia,you will need to work hard.Otherwise,mafia cheat guide can help you to reach all these in a short time.

Never use cheats that can get you banned from Zynga Mafia Wars game,even from Facebook.If you can use these cheat codes wisely,you will get all you want from this game.