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Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook Mafia Wars Robbing Tips & Tricks

Mafia Wars is one of the most popular and addicting games on Facebook. In March, Mafia Wars reintroduced the ability to rob other players' properties. The new robbing system contains many features that weren't part of the original, and offers many new rewards.

What's New

The new Mafia Wars robbing system works much differently than the old one. The new system consists of a three-by-three grid of random properties, each of which is assigned a relative difficulty. The three difficulties that can be assigned are "easy," "medium," and "hard."

In addition, each different type of property costs a different amount of stamina to rob and has limitations on the number of mafia members you can use to attack it. A restaurant, for example, uses 7 stamina to rob and uses the top 35 members of your mafia to determine your attack score, whereas a Mega Casino uses 20 stamina and 500 members. Conversely, this is also the maximum number of mafia members that your opponent can use to defend their property.

It's generally a bad idea to attack a property that uses more mafia members than you have unless it's labeled as "easy." Going up against a Mega Casino when you only have 100 members in your own mafia will more often than not lead to failure.

Robbing Experience and Mastery

Every time you successfully rob a property, you not only gain experience for your character, you also increase your robbing mastery level. Each level of mastery increases the amount of experience you gain from successfully robbing other properties. There are currently ten levels of robbing mastery, although higher levels require you to successfully complete hundreds and even thousands of robberies in order to advance to the next level.

Clear the Board Bonus

One of the unique aspects of the new Mafia Wars robbing system is that, if you clear a board of nine robberies, you get a bonus. This bonus generally consists of a random item, which can be any item type, and a little bit of extra experience. The amount of experience gained from clearing a board is based on the number of successful robberies you completed in that particular set.

Refreshing the Board

ne way to maximize the amount you get out of robbing on Mafia Wars is to use a little bit of stamina to refresh the board when you're losing. The amount of stamina needed to refresh the board is 9 minus the number of robberies attempted. For example, if you've attempted five robberies on the current board, it would cost 4 stamina to refresh the robbing board.

This can be used to your advantage if you're failing a lot of robberies. Since you won't receive bonus experience from failed robberies, it's sometimes better to use a couple stamina points to refresh the robbing board than to complete the board and receive a very small bonus. This is most useful when you've struggled on a particular set of properties and the only ones left require more than 10 stamina points to rob (the Mega Casinos, for example).

Tools of the Trade and Stolen Diamonds Collections

Mafia Wars robbing also has two new collections which are very helpful to complete. The Tools of the Trade collection items drop fairly frequently, and the collection bonus gives you more money and item drops when you rob. The Stolen Diamonds collection, on the other hand, has an extremely low drop rate, but increases your chance of getting successful robberies. Each robbing collection will also give you an extra skill point when you successfully vault them.

Patience Is a Virtue in Mafia Wars

The best thing to remember when wading through the new Mafia Wars robbing system is to be patient. It will take a long time to reach level 10 mastery and complete the Stolen Diamonds collection (I've completed almost a thousand robberies and only received one of the seven diamonds). If you know someone else who plays Mafia Wars extensively, you can ask them for help in completing the collections. Also remember that the more you rob, the bigger the rewards. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, Mafia Wars robbing offers another way to keep the gaming experience fresh and exciting.